Dalin Williams
Software Engineer HBO
I am a software magician. No, really, I can make all of your code - disappear 🪄🎩

In the beginning, there was an idea…

A few years ago hile working at Microsoft, I was inspired by a coleagure to start a blog. Up until that moment, I was hesatant to share what I had learned. Not because I did not have anything to share, but because I incorrectly thought that sharing my technical experience was a moot point. After all, do not all senior and staff engineers know what I knew?

This is no slight to my fellow engineering leaders; many of my fellow lead engineers are people who inspire every day. However, a core ability of being a senior engineer is the ability to communicate. My mentor once told me that a key tennant of any great technical leader is the ability to communicate clear, concise, convencing ideas. And so, I hope you will find such clear, concise, and convencing communication here in my blog.

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